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Air Duct Cleaning
How do you want your air?  CLEAN!Duct Cleaning

Our equipment is portable so we can get close to our work.  A 20 hp vacuum and a 10 hp air compressor are set up outside.  An 8” hose from the vacuum is hooked up to the return air plenum close to the filter. A sheet metal plate divides the supply and return of the furnace so dirt is not pulled through the furnace.  The vacuum (with 5,000 CFM of pull) and the air compressor (with 175# air pressure push) move the dust from the individual registers to the basement trunk line, where it is then sucked out to the vacuum collection system.  Each run is done individually and all others are sealed off to get the full effect of the equipment capabilities.  Once the return air is done, the same process is repeated for the supply air side.

To allow for the vacuum to work properly, some doors and or windows will be open during the process to allow for make up air that the vacuum is pulling out of the home.  That means the home will cool down or warm up close to the outside air temperature.  The furnace or central air systems are also turned off during the air process.

Another step in the air duct cleaning process, if the customer chooses, the ducts can be freshened with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved duct freshening chemical called Enviro-Con.  The freshening is strongly recommended if any allergies exist in the family, or if any odors are present while the furnace or central air conditioning is in operation.  Duct cleaning and freshening is not a cure-all to any allergies in your home, but it’s a very good start to healthier living.

Your air filter is also a very important preventative measure.  A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter along with a proper pleated air filter and an ultra violet light (with germicidal lamps) can provide your best defense for minimal dollars.

If your home is still sick, you may need further investigation into other potential problems.  Let us help you.

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